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               About SchoolPix
SchoolPix is located in Sedona Az and is owned by well known photojournalist and celebrity photographer  Rick Dembow. 
After retiring from the news media, Rick decided to return to his roots early in his career, where he worked
as a highly successful portrait and school photographer for two of the largest school photography studios. 
Rick has taken that experience, blended it with his keen eye and personality for portraiture and people
candids, and created his own company called SchoolPix where he creates unusually high quality portraits
and group photos as well as sport action candids and team images.

Rick understands that the best portraits come from creating a relaxed and friendly meeting between the student and the photographer even if its only for a few moments each year. National photography companies train young camera buffs in as little as 8 week programs... then send them out to schools to shoot portraits. And because of the high turnover rate and career changes with these younger inexperienced photographers, in most schools students never see the same photographer again. At SchoolPix not only do we send the same familiar face with a camera each year to the schools but we live and work here as well, know many of the families and children at the schools, and our photographers remember every kid they photographed... their smiles and their picture personalities.

SchoolPix was created in Sedona Az,  a small town that was affected by the recession and economic slowdown like so many other communities around the country. Hard working people trying to keep up in difficult times is a concern at SchoolPix, so owner Rick Dembow decided to create school picture packages that are very affordable to everyone in the community, in many instances 50% less than national photography companies yet with keeping the quality that you deserve and expect.

Rick's wife, Nancy Lattanzi - an art specialist, is known to children and families throughout Sedona and the Verde Valley. Nancy recently became the new Arts and Culture Coordinator for the City of Sedona.
traits come from developing a friendly relaxed relationship between the subject and the photographer even if their time together is for only a few minutes. National photography companies train inexperienced camera buffs in as little as 8 week programs and send them out to schools...each year students see a new face behind the camera due to high turnovers.

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"Our Philosophy is simple.....Their is a smile in each and every student and our goal is to capture those moments digitally, preserving those moments for the students, their families, and school yearbooks."